About Me

My name is Holly Pablo and I’m a journalist living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’ve loved the art of storytelling since I began keeping journals in childhood. In high school, I was that quiet girl scribbling away in a notebook in the corner of class. Writing was an escape, a healthy distraction, while growing up in a city infamous for  its crime rates. When I joined the local college’s student newspaper, I instantly enjoyed the ability to report on serious issues facing the community.

Since then, I’ve landed a variety of professional internships, reporting on crime and courts, city government, public education and industry changes, to name a few. I’ve also been fortunate enough for various training opportunities to travel and report outside of my home state of California, in Oregon, Florida, Michigan and Tennessee. It’s helped me gain a broader appreciation of diversity.

Now equipped with a bachelor’s in journalism after graduating from San Diego State in December 2012, I hope to continue writing and expanding my journalistic rolodex by fearlessly dabbling in new tools and technology.